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5 handy tips for your Airbnb Maintenance

Written by City Relay

As an Airbnb host, you are expected to provide a flat in good condition to your guests! You don’t need to be an expert in maintenance to execute these 5 easy steps that City Relay has listed for you in order to keep your flat functional:


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#1 Safety first

Your guests’ safety is your responsibility it’s not to be taken lightly. Hence, regularly check if your smoke alarm and the carbon monoxide detectors are still working well. Also, take care of your wires, no bare wires should be found in your flat especially if you are targeting families.  


#2  Scan the walls

Of course, your walls will deteriorate with time, so your guests don’t expect to walk into a brand-new flat. However, make sure you get rid of the stains before new guests arrive and check the scratches so you can paint again the walls when it’s necessary. 

living room Airbnb


#3 Make sure the Wifi is still working

Nowadays people expect Wifi everywhere. It can be very frustrating to realize you can’t check your mail or your journey details in the flat you rent because there’s no Wifi. So when you go to your flat after a guest stays, remember to check it. Look if the router is on and still working. It is something your guests will expect to have in your apartment, for sure they will leave bad reviews if that’s not the case.


#4 Check the water system

Make sure hot and cold water are working everywhere and that the water pressure is still ok: in the shower, the bathroom and the kitchen water taps. It is often an issue, especially in London. 

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#5 Check the air conditioning and heating systems

You don’t want your guests to die out of cold during winter or to be disturbed by malodorous old air conditioning! Between two guest stays, turn on the heater or air-conditioning depending on the season and make sure it still works properly. Your guests expect these items to work well, if not for sure you will end up with bad reviews. 


Too busy to check your flat regularly and take care of maintenance issues? Don’t worry! At City Relay we work with handymen which will fix all your maintenance issues to make your guests’ stay as comfortable as possible. Interested? Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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