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5 Tips for Taking Great Photos for Airbnb Listings

Written by City Relay

Pictures are the most important motivation for a potential guest. Human beings are visual creatures. And if your listing isn’t visually appealing (or stunning), you are going to miss out on a lot of bookings… We all know that people tend to get more information visually than through text. This is why the photos for Airbnb listings are critical to optimise apartments.

Photos for Airbnb Listings

#1 Brighten up the inside

Lights give to your bedroom, kitchen or living room a bigger and airier feeling. First, find a time in the day when the sun is not glaring at the windows (the light contrast will make it extremely difficult to shoot). Then, you just have to open a window to allow more light into the room.

It’s important to know that the easiest way to scare off potential customers is through dark and dull photos.


#4 Shoot into a corner

Once your Airbnb is bright and clean, aim to capture the space at its best angle. Shooting into the corner adds perspective. Taking pictures of your property onto a wall can make a space seem smaller than it really is, while corners help give a sense of true dimension.

Photos for Airbnb Listings

#3 Clean the scene

Your house has to be incredibly clean, your guest wants to see your flat shining. This seems obvious but isn’t always true. Clean up and stage your rooms perfectly! For the kitchen, put on table settings to make it look homier. Have placemats, wine glasses, napkins, everything. Have flowers or a fruit basket out to add some atmosphere. Have a few candles out, or some nice vases out to give each photo interest. Adding these colourful accents makes a big difference.


#4 Focus on your typical guest

Whatever your flat looks like, it always has a primary function. A one-bedroom will fit a student and a big house will appeal to the family. You have to discern which consumer could be interested in your house and, highlight things (amenities, rooms) your potential guest cares about. For instance, a couple will look for a luxurious feeling (complimentary champagne and flutes on the table, big pillows, etc) whereas a family will seek for safety first (gates/locked doors, neighbourhood, private garden, etc).


#5 Take photos outside

Now it is time to think about your exterior which could be as important as your interior for some guests… Guests want to know beforehand what they’ll be driving up to, so even a photo of the front of your house would reassure them. Also, it could be nice to add some pictures of your street and your neighbourhood. This could be very beneficial for your listing.

Photos for Airbnb Listings



Well, let’s hope these tips will turn you into Man Ray and if not it will be best for your listing to hire a professional photographer to take good pictures as they are paramount. City Relay can help you manage your Airbnb by providing host services such as photographs, smart listing, check-in, cleaning and guest support. Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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