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Top 5 tips to create the perfect Airbnb profile

Written by City Relay

It’s settled, you’re going to put your flat on Airbnb! All your friends already do so and always brag about making money by just going away a few days. But being a host is not just putting 3 photos of your flat and hope for a booking. You need to create THE perfect Airbnb profile to get bookings! We are here to help. Check out our 5 tips!

Your contact details

Please make sure to enter the best email at which you can be contacted, as you’ll need to answer fast to all your inquiries and your guest questions. You need to be reachable 24/7. Don’t worry, all private contact details will be kept safe and sound until you confirm a booking! It’s all the more so important if you’re away during their stays and unable to meet them in real life.

Airbnb Profile

Your description

You’re going to sell yourself here. Describe your dreams, your reasons to be on Airbnb, your story with Airbnb,… But mostly show your personality and why you stand out. Include stuff about you. What do you like? What do you do in your free time? Do you have passion? Anything that could create

cialisgeneriquefr24.coma connection between you and your guests. The connection is a good way to have an inquiry -on top of having a good flat, that goes without saying!

A plus in “edit profile”: do not hesitate to note extra speaking/writing language, it might be very handy for some guests, and they will thank you later!

For example, here’s mine:

“My name is Dimitri and I’m 22. I know my name sounds Russian but I was born in Paris. However, I spend most of my time away from Paris since my dad, mom, brother, and girlfriend live in four different cities. My mum lives in Bangkok, my dad in London, my brother in Montreal and my girlfriend in Nantes. My flat is thus a melting pot of all these different cultures, which will ensure a cosy and creative stay. Finally, I think it’s important to say that my favourite animal is the sheep.”

Your profile picture

On Airbnb, your profile picture is not about what you look like but about what qualities you want to give. Here is our ”do’s” list: smile, if you are sharing the Airbnb account include the others in the picture with you, and have a clear picture. What about the “don’ts” are you asking? Don’t do too much: not too professional, not too funky. Also, wisely choose your surroundings, because they’ll also be checking that

A plus to “edit your profile picture”: Airbnb also gives you the possibility to film a 30-second video. Creativity time: it’s the perfect way to reassure your potential guests of what they will find!


airbnb profile

Your verified identification

Trust is basic on Airbnb, and the Verified guest/host system is the best proof. How do you become a verified host? You have to provide Airbnb with an ID (passport, driving license,…) so that they can ensure you are not a fraud. Being a verified host on Airbnb is the best way to reassure your guest about your good intentions. Do you want trustworthy guests? Well, your guests want trustworthy hosts as well! 

Your references

References are very important for your guests. You need at least one, especially at the beginning, with no or few reviews. Know that you can accept or decline all references, so you can ask as many people as you want! Ask your friends and relatives on Airbnb for a review, and offer to give them one back. You’ll become more reliable.


Your profile is the first thing your guest will see, it is thus important to make a good first impression. Being an Airbnb host can be challenging and involves a lot of hassle. At City Relay we can free you from this hassle, as we can take care of everything so you don’t have to. Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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