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Why Brexit is good for your Airbnb in London

Written by City Relay

After Brexit, you could have feared that all your guests would have been banned from entering the UK and would have spent their holidays in Spain or France. The “Brexit Effect” is exactly the opposite.

The biggest boom in UK tourism since the Olympics.

This summer, the number of visitors has increased by 11% compared to 2016. The terrorist attacks had merely any effect, and the number of visitors from the US is at an all-time high (+16%). So yes, Brexit was a good marketing tool, everybody talked about this for months and even Americans thought it could be good to visit it before it disappears forever from the map of the world.

Brexit has triggered more Airbnb bookings in London

At first sight, the fact that the currency is depreciating might have been another bad news. Not only is your country disappearing from the map of the world, but you will also earn less from your Airbnb bookings. Yes and no. The buying power of tourists has increased, so they spend more money (+11%) on shops, restaurants and of course… Airbnb’s!! It’s like you gave them a discount on your bookings without actually doing it. Moreover, your purchasing power = has decreased, so you’ll have plenty of time to stay in London at your grandma’s and take care of your Airbnb bookings. C’mon, we know you know the « staycation » concept is so trendy these days.

Airbnb bookings in London: the tsunami

Yes, in just one year your bookings should have more than doubled. The number of bookings has increased by 130% in one year. The most popular boroughs for bookings are Westminster, Tower Hamlets, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea, which represents half of all Airbnb stays.

Brexit has increased Airbnb Bookings in London

A strategic plan to take the tourism level to the over-tourism threshold. 

A new strategic plan was presented in September on how to increase tourism by 40% by 2025. So when you are wandering around Oxford Street and must weave through millions of tourists, just imagine this and add 10 more million. The city plans on increasing the tourism workforce by 60,000 and also has a more flexible immigration system, which could respond to demand and allocate visas more easily.  What’s more, an increase in aviation capacity, which was threatened by Brexit, will now be seen in a much more positive light. So prepare a “Thank You” note to the Mayor because your Airbnb bookings will keep increasing.

Brexit increased Airbnb bookings in London

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