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In London, an Airbnb is 59% cheaper than a hotel

Written by City Relay

One of the reasons that made Airbnb successful is its rates per night. According to recent research, Airbnb is 59% cheaper than a hotel room in London on average. Consequences of this fact are obvious: Many travellers book an Airbnb in London instead of a hotel and hosts have the opportunity to gain like never before. Everybody knows that Airbnb is cheaper than hotel rooms, but results from a recent research led by are incredible – check the infographic below. Throughout the territory of the United Kingdom Airbnb have rates cheaper than hotels. That means many advantages for travellers and hosts.


Airbnb Hotels rates London

Some data

An Airbnb is 52% less expensive in Bath and Oxford, 51% in Manchester and 50% in Chester.
It’s even greater when we analyse data from London. If you compare a London Airbnb with pool or hot tub amenities, it’s still 59% cheaper than hotels equipped with the same features.

In the United Kingdom, the only exception is in Northampton where Airbnb is 2% more expensive than hotels.

Airbnb growth

Analyzing data from the infographic below, it’s easy to understand why the expansion of Airbnb is still promising – even 2016 is going to be a fruitful year for the American company.

In fact, starting from a house without extra amenities like a pool, a hot tub or a gym, Airbnb rates are still cheaper than a hotel. When we add one or more of these amenities, the difference in terms of prices between an Airbnb and a hotel rate is even more pronounced.

An opportunity for every host

Airbnb hosts are enjoying incredible returns from properties that are performing very well. If you’re still hesitating to list your property on Airbnb, this is the right moment to take the step.

Travellers are looking for the best quality/price ratio and regarding accommodations. Airbnb is the perfect solution to this. Tourists are more inclined to book an Airbnb instead of a hotel because they have the same amenities and services for a lower price.



Infographic & Conclusion
Airbnb Hotels rates London

Tourists are looking for hotel quality standards from your Airbnb. If you succeed in providing the type of service that guests need and expect, your extra income is guaranteed.

City Relay is the key to setting up a profitable Airbnb. We offer professional check-ins with a Reception Desk, cleaning services, fresh bed sheets and towels, 24/7 guest support and more. Are you ready to turn your Airbnb into a hotel room?

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