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Airbnb lettings and host insurance: the explanation

Written by City Relay

Short-let is the perfect way to generate extra income, City Relay offers to free homeowners from the hassle of short-letting their properties in London. In order to give homeowners even more peace of mind, we partnered with Cover Builder, host insurer.

Host insurance, why it’s important

Home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb are a great way to earn an extra income from a room or property. To have fully comprehensive home insurance is not enough: home insurance companies haven’t factored in a homeowner or tenant using their home as a way to boost their income by accepting paying guests. As a result, cover for claims relating to paying guests in the property are not covered.
This is where host insurance comes in. At City Relay we partner with CoverBuilder so you can rent your property carefree. We take care of everything so you don’t have to and CoverBuilder has got your security, property and personal belongings covered.

What the CoverBuilder insurance covers?

Many existing home insurers offer no cover claims caused by paying guests. This is where the CoverBuilder insurance fils the gap left.
They cover up to £800,000 of building damage and £75,000 of contents, theft and attempted theft. In addition, the insurance covers all accidental/malicious damage or vandalism, lost keys and lock replacement, alternate accommodation and misuse of utilities and services.

Host insurance benefits

The standard Airbnb guarantee does not protect the homeowner from claims if a guest injures themselves in the property, this is an occasion where the host insurance might be useful. This insurance has several benefits including but not limited to unlimited numbers of lets in the policy term, multiple lets allowed at once and universal cover for lets from any home-sharing platform.

Free legal assistance

Standard within all of their hosting policies, the host insurance Cover Builder offers legal assistance. Among the issues covered by the legal assistance you’ll find the following: assistance for the eviction of persons/over-stayers, defence of a civil claim against you as a host, removing defamatory comments on social media, identity theft. Cover Builder has a helpline available for any further legal queries.

More about Cover Builder

CoverBuilder is a specialist home insurance provider covering the UK and Northern Ireland. Based in Penarth, near Cardiff, CoverBuilder is a trading subsidiary of Red Apple Group limited which has over 25 years experience servicing UK property insurance customers.
They’re backed by a panel of the UK’s top brand underwriters including AXA, UK General, Plum and Modus.


Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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