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How to boost your Airbnb reviews ?

Written by City Relay

The well-known secret to getting more bookings, especially within London, is to have good reviews. Here are a few tips to help get your property the glowing reviews it deserves!


Give local recommendations

Sharing is caring, so why not share your favourite restaurants, bars and the best coffee shop in London? The chances are that after a day of travelling or right after check-in, your guests will be craving local food! Spare them time on TripAdvisor, and they’ll be more than happy to share with friends the amazing restaurant recommended by their host.


Be Accurate and Descriptive

Try not to oversell your flat. There is nothing worse than your guests expecting a mansion and landing in a hut. Describe your home in detail and be as accurate as possible. If your guests know exactly what to expect, there are fewer chances they’ll be disappointed or leave a bad review.


Respond to Guests

Be available for inquiries and questions 24/7 – or as often as you can. Either you or your property management company should be available to respond to guests. Give them useful information before they check in such as the address, the wifi password, etc. Ideally, these should be available before they ask for it. Here at City Relay we’re available 24/7 and have a dedicated guest team to ensure our hosts and their properties receive the best reviews.


Provide the Best Amenities

It’s always a nice touch to provide coffee, towels, soap… For a guest, it’s always a relief to know that they can save space in their luggage as they don’t have to pack towels or spend money on a full box of coffee caps for only 3 days. City Relay provides Nuxe toiletries, Cru Kafe coffee and Joe’s Tea. This kind of attention is always appreciated and will help boost your reviews.


Clear shower space

This one’s a quick win! Whether it’s a private or shared bathroom, your guests will feel more at home if they have space to put their toiletries, towels etc. If your guests feel they can make the bathroom their own, they will feel more at home and more likely to give you a great review!


If you don’t have the time or the motivation to take care of these details, City Relay is here to help. We’ll provide your guests with a hotel-style service while staying in the comfort of your home.

Becoming a host is quick and easy. Simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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