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Did you know that we have our own team that can take care of Design Services for your short lets? We receive constant requests from our hosts to put our magic wand on their flats and transform them into the unforgettable London gems that they really are. Here’s a look at one of our redesign projects – The Lillie Road Residences.


1 – The initial situation

The Lillie Road Residences I, II and III were three well-located flats with a huge potential for short let. Sadly, they’re all unexploited in terms of decoration and furniture improvements. Our City Relay Design Team stepped in to revamp these hidden gems by combining homey elements with modern appliances. 


2 – What we did

Our Design Team visited the three flats and came up with a list of high-quality furniture items and amenities they considered essential for short lets. Thanks to their experience in short-term letting, they knew which items would give a homey and cosy touch to the flats. Pictures speak for themselves, take a look below!


Lillie Road I:

The first flat was a blank canvas that allowed our Design Team to let their creative juices flow. The flat benefits from lots of natural light. This made it easy to add the decorative elements in the right places, so as not to overcrowd the areas. The open space used as a kitchen and living room is quite spacious. Adding a big dining table with five bold chairs was the first element needed to complete it. Extra lighting was important, but not imperative. The two pictures hanging on the kitchen wall created the transition between the kitchen and the living room area. As for the bathroom, the white marble and the high-spec fittings made it necessary to keep everything simple and clean, so the Design Team went for a simple pot of greenery.


Lillie Road II:

The second flat benefitted from a large tilted window in one of the upstairs bedrooms. This allowed for the natural sunlight to penetrate the room perfectly.  Warm, neutral colours were chosen for the decor and the bedding to fit the wooden flooring.


Lillie Road III: 

The third flat benefitted from a very similar fitting, keeping all properties consistent in terms of looks and decor.


3 – The result

These 3 flats were furnished and decorated to a very high standard, keeping the owner’s level of satisfaction high. Making our host happy is our #1 priority and thanks to our Design Team we managed to achieve this one more time!


At City Relay we believe good pictures of a nice furnished flat are key to performing well on booking platforms. This is why we have our Design Team to provide advice to our hosts regarding the furniture and amenities they should add. Our team takes care of everything: from advising to ordering everything and supervising the entire installation process, so you don’t have to. Decorating your flat has never been more hassle-free! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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