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A Partnership Towards A Sustainable Development For Business Operations

Written by Diana Santos

Sustainability is integral in today’s business operations. It’s not enough to excel as a business. It has to be done in such a way that leads to a positive impact on the environment and society.

This is the idea behind City Relay’s partnership with Ecologi, an organisation that empowers businesses to practice sustainability and respond to climate change.

Our partnership is a sign of our commitment to revolutionise our business operations so we can step up our efforts to create a better environment for the coming generations.

Ecologi: Championing Green Revolutionaries

The journey of Ecologi started over a cup of coffee, as Elliot, one of the co-founders, pondered the idea of taking concrete actions to deal with the climate crisis. Following this line of thought, he realised that there are solutions available to respond to climate change.

Not only that, there’s a huge number of people and SMEs that are willing to take part and get financially involved to battle climate change.

But nobody’s taking action because they need an organisation to open opportunities and provide tools for SMEs to collectively act on saving the environment.

This is a role that Ecologi was able to fill. The organisation focused on providing tools, information and advice to help transform SMEs and individuals into green revolutionaries.

The Passionate Community Taking Climate Action

The road towards sustainable development for business operations is hard if you do it on your own. The individual contribution seems too small in comparison to the devastation that we need to reverse to save the environment.

But there’s a greater impact in taking collective action. Partnerships formed like the one that City Relay has with Ecologi are the key to creating a bigger impact on the environment and society.

City Relay is proud to be a part of a passionate Ecologi community of more than 19,000 businesses and 40,000 members. As a member, we are dedicated to funding climate-positive projects and bringing awareness to environmental responsibility.

As a group, it becomes easier to transform societies, educate communities, reduce emissions and eventually restore nature to how it should be.

Answering the Call for Reforestation and Renewable Energy

Since the start of the partnership, City Relay has answered the call to support various reforestation initiatives – which led us to fund the planting of 160 trees in various parts of the world.

  • 45 trees funded to restore forests in Kenya
  • 30 trees funded to plant Mangroves in Madagascar
  • 25 trees funded to support the reforestation in Mozambique
  • 20 trees funded to plant forest gardens in Tanzania
  • 15 trees funded to restore the Gewocha Forest in Ethiopia
  • 15 trees funded to plant Mangroves in Mozambique
  • 5 trees funded to plant forest gardens in Uganda
  • 5 trees funded to save the Moroccan Fruit Tree species

We’ve also supported 2 carbon avoidance projects that helped us save 11.25 tonnes of CO2 emissions. One of them is a wind power project in Mexico and the other involved the distribution of cleaner cookstoves in Kenya.

Both of these projects supported local communities while preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

Commitment to Sustainable Business Operations

While efforts with Ecologi are powerful, it’s not enough to contribute to the growing battle against climate change. We still need to transform our business operations to implement sustainable practices.

As a highly trusted property management company in London, we recognise our role in promoting eco-friendly practices in the way we operate. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and implementing energy-efficient techniques in properties that we manage.

Among our efforts include sourcing our amenities package from companies that embody ethical and sustainable standards. We also motivate our partners to maintain energy-efficient properties for letting.

We use OPAGO, a smart technology that streamlines property management operations to ensure labour-saving, cost-effective, fuel-efficient and energy-saving activities. This platform provides our partners at City Relay with a bird’s eye view of their portfolio’s performance – which allows them to make informed decisions in a structured and profitable way.

Be Part of the Partnership

Our partnership with Ecologi is a strong reflection of our commitment to sustainable and positive environmental practices. We intend to keep building a greener and more sustainable world for everyone.

The partnership also means you are with us in this endeavour. After all, the properties and portfolios under our management are indirectly taking part in the collective impact that we’re trying to achieve.

As our partner, you can consider yourself part of the overall climate-positive journey that we’re taking with thousands of businesses in the Ecologi community.

Join us in our mission to transform more energy-efficient properties with lower carbon footprints all over London. Follow our journey towards a more sustainable future with Ecologi.

Find out more about sustainable properties and how you can help us create an eco-friendly future. Let’s work together to find the balance between a prosperous business and a well-nurtured environment.

Contact our experts to learn more about our sustainability efforts and how you can take a more active part in them.

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