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How to get a 5-star review on Airbnb?

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5-star reviews are a great way to increase your income by attracting new guests and improving your ranking on Airbnb. The more 5-star reviews you get, the more potential guests will trust you and be attracted to your flat. You can even be referenced as a Super Host on Airbnb when more of 80% of your reviews have 5 stars! It also means that Airbnb will boost your ranking on its website, you will be among the first flats to be visible by guests. This article will help you implement the 5-star virtuous circle in 4 steps:


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#1 Be aware of the criteria your review will be based on

Before starting thinking about how to improve your Airbnb, make sure you know which criteria guests are going to mark you. Airbnb established a  specific list: overall experience, cleanliness, accuracy, value, communication. Each one of these criteria will be marked by your guests at the end of their stay. Now that you are aware of the rules, you are able to take advantage of them!

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#2 Prepare their arrival

Don’t start off on the wrong foot with your guests, it will be very hard to bounce back afterwards! Make their check-in experience as smooth as possible. It is very easy: stay reachable the day of their arrival. They must be able to reach you in case they get lost or they flight/train is delayed. Make sure they know how to get to the apartment. Being lost in a city where people speak a different language and not being able to reach its host can be a very stressful and unpleasant experience for guests.

When they arrive to make sure someone ( if not you) can receive them and give them a set of keys, with relevant information regarding the flat such as the Wifi codes, how the heaters work, where they can find the towels, etc.


#3 Don’t oversell you flat: meet your guests’ expectations

Guests will arrive with expectations on your flat based on what you sold them on your Airbnb profile. Don’t lie to them with amazing pictures of your flat ten years ago, they will be disappointed when arriving and you will get a bad review. On the contrary, be honest, so they can arrive in the flat they had pictured themselves in. You can even surprise them when they arrive with a welcome pack or a fruit basket. For sure they will appreciate this friendly gesture!

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#4 Don’t disappear once your guests have the keys!

Communication is the backbone of every relation. Once your guests are well installed, keep checking your phone and messages from time to time in case they face a maintenance issue, or they want to change their check out time. And don’t forget to answer to their comments on Airbnb, whether they are good or bad!



At City Relay we understand that being the perfect host and collecting 5-star reviews can be very time-consuming! We can help you out by taking care of all the communications with your guests, handling the check ins and check outs, making your flat guest ready thanks to our hotel style cleaning and welcome packs. Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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