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Creating the ultimate house manual for your Airbnb guests

Written by City Relay

Leaving a house manual for your Airbnb guests isn’t only a way to improve their stay but is also a guarantee that they will live in your house properly. It’s the best way to make themselves at home and it’s more personal than Airbnb listing. 


#1 House basics: put yourself in their shoes.

They’ve never been to your home but they must feel like it’s theirs for the stay. The first thing they’ll need is the Wi-Fi password, they’re probably foreigners and need an internet connection. Then, think of every trick you need to know to live conveniently in your house, like how the TV works or the fact that hot water is very very very hot… Leave every information that you’ve put in Airbnb listing in case they forgot something like the fact that your flat is on the second floor and not on the third!!



#2 House rules: simple as ABC

Do not smoke… do not wear shoes inside… do not put music too loud after 10 pm because you have boring neighbours… do not eat in the bath (you never know) … Just said it in the simplest way so that they don’t get confused. Don’t explain yourself (even though it’s pretty obvious that eating in the bath is absurd) just be as concise and clear as you can. Also, don’t forget to brief them about the check-out time or else you’ll have new roommates…


#3 House map: a map of treasures

Think your house as a land full of treasures… how can the guest find the sheets or the towels? with a treasures map obviously! Think of everything that can’t be seen with the naked eye so no need to inform that the bed is located in the bedroom… Beside a house map, you can also do a map of the neighbourhood, like how to get to the bus station or where to get the best chicken tikka masala (it’s the new national dish according to the British Foreign Secretary).


#4 Contact list: for emergencies or just a chat

Leave your phone number! A pretty girl might call you and… ask you how to turn on your TV! Leave emergencies contacts also, you never know. 


#5 Support: Fine feathers make fine birds

No need to use a big grimoire for your house manual, just print everything down. You’ll probably need two A4 pages, don’t put everything on the same page it might lead your guests to confusion. Also, if you have applied all the previous tips while writing your house manual they will probably cherish it and always keep it with them, so don’t forget to leave at least two copies of it.



Need a lovely house manual? At City Relay we provide short-let management services which include making the best house manual possible for your guest. Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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