Colourful front doors
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How to boost the kerb appeal of your property

Written by Maddy Tickner

The importance of first impressions cannot be underestimated when it comes to rental properties. Studies have shown that potential tenants make a decision about a property within 10 seconds of seeing it. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your property has good kerb appeal. Great kerb appeal can be achieved through a combination of different design choices that combine to make your property feel immediately welcoming. A combination of eye-catching exterior decoration, a well maintained facade and an immaculate entrance is a great goal to set your sights on. 

If you want your property to really stand out and help potential tenants fall in love at first sight, have a read of our best ideas to boost kerb appeal for your property.

Colourful front doors

A fresh coat of paint

It’s no secret that as the main entrance to your home, the front door says a huge amount about the property itself, and sets the standard of what you can expect to  find inside. If your front door looks tired and shabby, it may send the wrong message, so this is a great place to start.

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders if you’re looking to smarten up your property,, and won’t cost the earth. When choosing your colour, think about the surrounding brick work or cladding, and the kind of message you’d like to send. A dark blue or forest green can create a grand and imposing effect. If you’re aiming for modern charm, something bright like coral or lemon yellow could work for you.

Finish off your front door makeover by polishing any metal fixtures and ensuring hardware such as doorbells and security cameras are in full working order.

Impressive facade

A touch of green

Thoughtful garden design, tidy and complete with beautiful foliage can work wonders for your property’s kerb appeal. If you have a front garden, ensure it has been recently mown and that any flower beds are freshly weeded. 

A well-maintained front garden will automatically demonstrate that the property has been treated with care and attention, and will put potential tenants immediately at ease. 

However, you don’t need a lawn to make an impact with your front garden. Create symmetry around your entrance with two potted plants or hanging baskets. Potted bay trees are easy to maintain and will add a touch of class to any entranceway. If your front door is in a shady spot, try trailing ivy for a romantic feel. 

If you’d prefer flowers to shrubs, selecting flowers of a single colour will create an immediate impact. 

Alternatively, a window box will add a cheery splash of colour to any exterior and can be appreciated from inside too.

Repair your roof

Spick and span 

A basic but important step. Is everything on show in good working order? Make sure any window fittings that need fixing or updating have been seen to, as well as any missing roof tiles, broken gutters, or damaged fencing. 

Unlike the previous two steps, this one may require a professional tradesman and therefore a cost implication, but it will be well worth it. 

Check local listings for available handyman services, most will quote for the job in advance. Feel free to shop around to avoid overpaying and get a competitive rate. 

If you fancy having a go at minor repairs yourself, YouTube has a wealth of how-to videos that can be a great starting place for any keen DIY-er. Just make sure you’ve taken the necessary precautions before climbing that ladder!

A neat and tidy path

Paved perfection

If your exterior space includes a driveway or path, ensuring it is immaculate can have a huge effect on the first impression of your property. Remove any stains and residual dirt from pathways with a power wash and clear weeds. 

If your paving is looking really  tired, or you fancy an upgrade, patterned Victorian tiles can be a smart and eye-catching replacement, particularly for period properties and terraced houses. 

Otherwise, simply replacing cracked or missing paving stones will hugely enhance the overall look, and will also improve the safety and accessibility of your home.

Wooden storage for large bins

Out of sight… 

A great idea when it comes to boosting the kerb appeal of your property and impressing prospective tenants is to ensure that the entrance of your property is clear of unnecessary and unsightly items. Declutter if you can, removing any unused plant pots, gardening tools, and of course, rubbish. 

Ideally, bulky wheelie bins will be kept out of sight so they’re not the first thing people see upon arriving at your property. Perhaps they could be tucked away down a side alley, otherwise there are many options of affordable bin storage that are worth considering.

Taking an afternoon or two to tackle these simple jobs could make a world of difference when it comes to boosting the kerb appeal of your property.

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