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How to improve your Airbnb ranking in London

Written by City Relay

Improving your Airbnb ranking is a great way to increase your number of bookings! Visitors on Airbnb are more likely to start their research with the first flats that appear on the page, hence to book one of those.  We established a guideline with the 5 major steps to quickly and very easily upgrade your ranking. 


#1 Be responsive 

Just as Google, Airbnb will reward responsive hosts who don’t leave inquiries without answers. Be prepared to check your mail regularly, having the Airbnb app might be more convenient to do so. 


#2 Keep your calendar updated

It’s important to daily check your calendar so you don’t miss any booking. It is also the most efficient way for you to be considered by Airbnb as both a responsive and active host. 



#3 Wisely choose your pricing

Competitive pricing is important to improve your listing. A first thing to check when picking a price are the prices of the other apartments in your area. Learn more about how to pick an accurate price here


#4 Be trustworthy 

As security and trust are essential for Airbnb, the platform gives more visibility to hosts who appear reliable. If you are a new host, make sure to have your ID and phone number checked. You can also ask your friends to share and promote your listing. Otherwise, make sure you get reviews ( hopefully good ones) from your previous guests. In exchange, you can leave them a rewarding comment as well. SEO optimization can be a win-win situation 🙂 Having a completed and updated profile will also reassure potential guests. 


#5 Work on your content

Airbnb will upgrade listing with relevant titles and smart content ( information about the neighbourhood, the amenities, the apartment style, quality image, …)




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