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4 ways to make your London Airbnb eco-friendly

Written by City Relay

Few of us would disagree that the environment is an important concern in the twenty-first century but sometimes the costs and practicality of making your London Airbnb eco-friendly can be difficult.

Since our inception in 2015, City Relay has been working towards sustainability in every part of our short let management operations, from our first electric vehicle to delivering eco-friendly amenities to our hosts homes. Based on our experience we have put together a few tips to help you make your Airbnb eco-friendly.


Recycled is the way to go!

The first step is very simple – introduce recyclable and recycled products for your guests. For instance, we are now working with Who Gives A Crap, who provides us with recycled paper rolls made in UK. There are many other options out there, including other toiletries and refreshments and most are not very inexpensive. Don’t forget to also mention this in your property’s online description as it can differentiate you from the crowd and help increase your bookings.

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Someone said single-use plastic?

Not anymore! Our oceans are already filled with these, it is high time to find alternatives as single-use hotel-style amenities are out of style. There are now a few options out there to replace our tiny old-fashioned bottles and if you are not ready to go all out with soap bars, which might not be very practical for your guests, try to look for recyclable bottles. To be thorough, you could also check where it has been produced – which reduces the overall carbon footprint impact.


Make recycling easy for your guests

It is easy for some guests to forget and throw all waste products in the same bin… but let’s do our best to make sure they know how to separate without much effort! Place a recycling bin next to your regular waste bin, with helpful product stickers to help your guests understand which products go where. If you really want to go the extra mile, add it into your welcome booklet or create a separate sustainability guide. To take it even further, we have started using biodegradable bin bags as well.


Think eco-friendly, even when out of the house

The last thing that would be very appreciated by your guests and the planet is offering advice on local public transportation options! Tell them about the nearest tube station, or the main bus routes to get to the city and its famous landmarks. Include it in your welcome booklet for them to remind themselves when needed. Your guests will love it as it will help immerse them into the local environment and save them money while they’re at it, compared to taking a taxi or an Uber. 

As a company, it is one of the first things mentioned on the online listing of the properties we manage. We love to make it easy for our guests, and most of our properties are under a 10-minute walk from the nearest tube station.


All these small attention to details will feel extremely genuine and personal towards guests as it is not a common practice in the industry. For a host it does not take much work, it is good for your environment and your community, and it helps you get top-notch reviews. Why not make your Airbnb eco-friendly, then? 

At City Relay, we ensure all the properties we manage are as eco-friendly as possible. Becoming a host with us is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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