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Top 9 tips to make money as a London Airbnb host

Written by City Relay

At City Relay, we know that managing your Airbnb is not an easy task. Fortunately, our London based team is here to help out with all the hassle of being an Airbnb host. Here is our list of tips to help you make money on Airbnb.


Research other nearby properties

In order to prevent underselling your property, take some time to compare your property to others in the same area and find out how much they’re charging their guests. Along with our unbeatable local knowledge, we use an effective tool called AirDNA which analyses Airbnb properties in the area and provides some useful insights to help your own listing.

Be smart and use the 90-day limit to your benefit

Short term lettings in London are limited to only 90 days per calendar year. Therefore, it’s smart to use this limited time carefully and either set higher prices during the months when most visitors come to the city or during major events that too bring you more potential customers.

At City Relay, we set the right price for your property based on seasonality, occupancy rate, day of the week and our Revenue Team monitors our intelligent pricing software daily in order to achieve the highest occupancy levels.


Highlight tourist attractions

Let potential guests know about areas of interest around your property, highlight attractions in order to increase your number of bookings. Make people aware of your specific location and highlight it as your key selling point!

At City Relay we keep your guests updated with what’s going on in London by writing blogs, sending out newsletters or posting on social media.

Provide Wi-Fi and other amenities

Nowadays, providing your guests with the Wi-Fi connection is a must not only in Airbnb properties. When searching for accommodation, many guests tick automatically “Wi-Fi” as a required amenity, so if you don’t have it, your property won’t show up in their search! Additionally, amenities like an ironing board, hairdryer or a coffee maker will help your property stand out.

Get a sofa bed in your living room

If your property is not big enough, it is still possible for you to increase the guest capacity! Invest in the right sofa bed and accommodate one or even two more people which will result in increasing your daily rate.

Be picky

One of the hardest parts of being an Airbnb host is to protect your property from troublemakers. Doing so by yourself can be tough and time-consuming.

At City Relay, our Guest Team vets every single one of your potential guests before confirming the reservation. The whole process has several steps to avoid anyone who could cause damage to your property.

Offering convenient check-in times

Convenience is a key factor for short-term rentals. Your guests will always want to be able to check-in and check-out at times that suit them the most. You or your neighbour can do the in-person check-ins but it’s easier and more professional to use a third party.

City Relay is the only property management company in London with its own Reception Spaces where the visitors can drop their luggage and pick up the keys. Additionally, we provide in-person check-ins at the property.

Collecting Positive Reviews

Success on Airbnb is measured by guests’ satisfaction and positive reviews. First, it’s essential to be clear in communicating your offers. Then it’s necessary to make sure that the photos are representative of reality. And finally, make sure to be an available host and check your phone from time to time, in case the guests face maintenance or other pressing issues. Additionally, don’t forget to answer to your guests’ comments on Airbnb, whether they’re good or bad!

At City Relay, we do a professional photo shoot for all properties to secure the best possible presentation of your property. Our guest team provides 24/7 support service and collects as many 5-star reviews as possible by taking care of all the communications with your guests. What’s more, our hotel-trained housekeeping team makes your flat guest ready thanks to our hotel style cleaning and welcome packs.

Refer a Host

Our host referral program is one of the most generous! Our hosts can earn £200 for referring one fellow host to City Relay and the more you refer the more you can earn.


If you need more insights on how to be successful on Airbnb, do not hesitate to read our other articles on this topic. Were you to need help for anything, we at City Relay are the most trusted short letting company in London. Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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