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Should I use a Airbnb management service?

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Today, we are meeting with one of our host, Gary. We’ve been managing his flat for a year now, and he kindly agreed to answer a few questions about short let and management services. We hope this will help you figure out if you should use an Airbnb management service too!

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Why did you decide to short let your flat?

Because I saw it as an easy way to earn an extra income! Rent in London kept increasing and I wanted to save a bit of money to travel. And after using Airbnb, it felt like the perfect fit for me: more income by receiving travellers at home, which still gave me the opportunity to exchange, to discover.

What do you think of  Airbnb?

Airbnb did not only gave people the opportunity to earn extra income, it also created a new way to travel and to experience a culture. But Being a host is time-consuming and stressful. When going away, I had to arrange with a friend to give and get the keys back from the guests. I have a cleaner I really like but she can be sick and then it is a lot to coordinate. I could not say no to the extra money but on the other side, it was too time to consume.

How long have you been using City Relay services?

I’ve been using City Relay management services for a year now. I went away for 6 weeks last year and I did not know how to manage my bookings from abroad. It seemed very complicated at this time to coordinate everything: cleaning, guest arrival and guest support. I heard of City Relay through a friend already using it, and it saved my summer!

What has changed since you use our services?

It saved more than one holiday! I still love using Airbnb and receiving people over, but when I’m not home, City Relay helps me. My flat is always clean for my bookings, my guests have a place to leave their luggage if they arrive or leave after check-in/check-out hours, and they also handled my heater problem this winter. They are here when I can’t.

How do your guests usually react to our services?

They are usually pretty happy with the proximity. When I was away, It was hard to find someone to help them. Most of them understood, but the stay was not perfect. Now, when I’m away, City Relay guests relation team is available 24/7, and they appreciate it.

Anything to add?

I want to thank all City Relay Team! You guys are great. I recommend them to every Airbnb Hosts in London!



Do you think this could be your solution too? Would you like to have a free summer while still earning extra income? City Relay is here for you! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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