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Why you should use Airbnb Instant Book feature

Written by City Relay


“Instant Book”. For many hosts, it’s a scary option: how can I control who is staying in my home if I don’t have a say? But it’s also the best solution to optimise your number of bookings and Airbnb knows it. That’s why they decided to improve the feature so that it’s convenient for both guests and hosts. Here are the 3 best reasons to use Airbnb Instant Book!


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#1 Guests look for Instant Book properties

Guests can use many filters whilst looking for a property. One of them allows them to search for listings that can be booked instantly. It’s easier, faster, they don’t have to wait for an answer and validation from the host. In short, it’s their’s favourite option! Many people on Airbnb only look for properties they can book immediately. That being so, it’s understandable that Airbnb search tool is pushing up the properties enabling it. Do you want more bookings? Turn the Instant Book on! It will double your number of bookings. This will bring more revenue, and also more reviews!

#2 You are still in control

Are you too scared to try Instant Bookings? Don’t you think it’s worth the risk? Well, you can now have more control over the people you accept. For instance, you can choose to only accept guests who already have reviews. You can also ask for verified guests only (they have to submit their ID first). There is even the possibility to set up a time after which people won’t be able to book your flat. For instance, you can set up the option so that potential guests can book up to one day in advance. you can still make the rules while accepting instant bookings on Airbnb.

#3 Superhost status is within your reach

With the Instant Book on, you don’t have to handle as many inquiries anymore! That way, it will not only influence your ranking (we did mention earlier that Airbnb is pushing properties up with the Instant Book feature) it will also put you closer to the Superhost Status! It will not only put your apartment higher in search results, but it will also help you reach the Holy Grail! And it’s easier done than said! So, don’t you think the Instant Book feature is the best perk of Airbnb?


You are ready for Airbnb and its best feature! You are ready to receive instant bookings on Airbnb but if hosting guests start to get too demanding then we are here to help. From guest support to cialis generic cleaning. City Relay provides 24/7 guest support, guest communication, check-in/check-out, housekeeping and maintenance. Well, let us help you, we’ll manage your flat so you don’t have too. Nice vacation coming ahead 😉


Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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