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Behind the scenes: what City Relay offers to our hosts

Written by City Relay


You’re on Airbnb for a few months now and you’re tired of flying home every time a new guest check-in? City Relay is here to save you -and your time- by offering you THE commodity: Airbnb management services. We’ll take care of your guests and your flat while you are away with every service you need. No, we are not gods, but for you, we’ll pretend!

Keys exchange


First thing first: the keys. Once you’ll have presented your flat, your rules, and given us your keys, you won’t have to worry anymore! We’ll meet your guests for key exchanges at check-in and check-out, and between booking, we’ll store them in our safe reception desk.

Just don’t forget to give us several working sets of keys: when your guest is outside, freezing, with his key on the other side of the door, another one at our office will make him very happy!



Everyone knows that the first thing your guest will check coming in is the wonderful Monet you proudly hang in your living room. And then he’ll move on toward something quite different: are the sheets clean? The bathroom washed? The kitchen immaculate? At City Relay, we have our own hotel style cleaning team, and they are every day on the move to make your flat looks like a palace!



Not a plumber? You have a love and hate relationship with Ikea and this last screw you don’t know where to put? At City Relay, we forestall damages and offer to also take care of maintenance so you really have nothing to worry about! Our team of handymen is available every day to settle any problems, saving you a trip to the ER, because your cousin convinced you-you didn’t need anyone to repair this leaking roof.


Finally, you don’t have to choose all of these services. Just evaluate your needs, and we will create for you the perfect “a la carte” menu, with the service you want. Thus, do you want to spend every day hassle-free? Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential! 


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