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Airbnb Instagram is important when you short-let your flat. With its 700 million daily users, Instagram will get your Airbnb bookings to skyrocket. No need to take a Marketing intern for that, just check this post out.

#1 Give them a tour

Instagram is a photo-sharing website, so the point is to share pictures of your flat. Upload the beautiful pictures you have taken after reading our tuto. Stay active by sharing amenities or the flat during the night or during summer. Share the view from the balcony but also of the neighbourhood. Basically, your flat needs to become the Kim Kardashian of flats.



#2 Hashtags

One thing that every true Instagrammer knows how to use is hashtags. It’s the best way to get followers on your account and likes on your pictures. Put lots of them. #airbnb #flat #bedroom #pleasebookmyflat #ineedsomemoney. If you want to get the best hashtags you should go to ritetag.com which will give you the most hyped hashtags possible. However, don’t put #cutedog to your flat post even though it’s the most hyped hashtag, it’s not really relevant for an Airbnb Instagram. You can also share the location (without giving the exact address, since you don’t want to get any Airbnb thieves).

#3 Show who you really are

This is your moment of glory. Show that you’re the best host ever. Show the face behind this amazing, trendy, #cutedog flat. Make people want to meet you, be your friend,  live in your flat, be you. No need to behave like Kim Kardashian this time and post nudes, but simply give viewers an idea of your character and personality through pictures your Airbnb Instagram

#4 Share valuable guest experiences

Your guests need insights. Share the lunch you prepared for your guest or the rides you did with them. You can also share the comment your previous guest left. You can even mention them… Share the picture of the note if they have left one (if these notes say something good, not the fact there are no toilet papers left).

#5 Interact and Engage

First of all, you must leave the link of your Airbnb on your Instagram bio, otherwise, you’re just doing this for purpose of doing an Instagram for your flat which is weird after all. You can add a little text like “Lovely Airbnb in London etc.”. Then, follow and get followed back. Go to the profile of your competitors and see how they work. The social network is all about networking so re-post and ask people to re-post you.


Check out our Instagram page if you need to see how pros do. Don’t forget to follow and like ;). Otherwise, we can do all this for you and fully manage your Airbnb.  Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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