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5 Insider-Tips To Market Your Airbnb On Instagram

Written by City Relay

Airbnb Instagram is crucial if you want to promote your short-term rental property. With 700 million daily users, Instagram has the potential to make your Airbnb bookings skyrocket. You don’t even need a Marketing intern for that. Check out this post to learn how to use Instagram like a pro.

#1 Give them a tour

Instagram is a photo-sharing website. Use it to share pictures of your flat so people will know what to expect. Upload the beautiful pictures you have taken (we have a tutorial that can help with this). Stay active by sharing photos of your flat at different times. Take a photo of your spacious living room during the day with the sunlight coming from the window. Post another photo of the comfortable bedroom at night. Take a photo of the view from the window during summer. Share the balcony view so people can see the neighbourhood.

#2 Hashtags

A true Instagrammer knows how to use hashtags. It’s the best way to get followers on your account to get more likes on your pictures. Put lots of them – but make sure they’re appropriate for the photos you’re posting: #airbnb #flat #bedroom #pleasebookmyflat #ineedsomemoney. If you want to get the best hashtags you should go to You’ll get a list of the most hyped hashtags at the moment. However, don’t put #cutedog to your flat post even though it’s the most hyped hashtag. If it’s not relevant for an Airbnb Instagram, don’t put it there. You can also share the location (without giving the exact address since you don’t want to attract any Airbnb thieves).

#3 Be authentic

This is your moment of glory. Show that you’re the best host ever. Show the face behind the amazing, trendy flat. Make people want to meet you, be your friend and live in your flat. No need to behave like a celebrity, but simply give viewers an idea of your character and personality through pictures on your Airbnb Instagram

#4 Share valuable guest experiences

Your guests need insights. Share the lunch you prepared for your guests. Or the rides you did with them. You can also share the comment your previous guest left. Share the picture of the note if they have left one. You can even mention them. Maybe they’ll feel inclined to leave a comment on the post and you can interact with them. It’ll give others a first-hand experience of how you treat your guests.

#5 Interact and Engage

First of all, you must leave the link to your Airbnb on your Instagram bio. After all, the whole purpose of your Instagram account is to get more bookings. Make it easy for people to click the link to book a stay in your place. You can add a little text like “Lovely Airbnb in London etc.” You should also make a habit of following others so they can follow you back. When someone comments on your post, interact with them. Comment back and start a conversation. The social network is all about networking so re-post and ask people to re-post you.


Check out our Instagram page if you need an example of how to do it. Don’t forget to follow and like ;). You can also get in touch so we can fully manage your Airbnb. We can feature your property on our Instagram account. Becoming a host is quick and easy. Simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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