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We are the highest rated property management company in London, helping investors get the best out of their property investment.


A better way to earn rental income

Our flexible lettings model responds to evolving market demands and the increased need for rental experiences that suit modern lifestyles. We know from experience that offering a flexible blend of short, mid, and long-term lets is beneficial for both residents and property owners.


How we optimise yield?

As experts in the London market, City Relay maximizes yield through a flexible lettings strategy – blending short, mid, and long lets. Click on the Flexible Lets button to see how much more you can be earning from your portfolio

Short, Long and Flexible Let

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Flexible let

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Flexible let


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How flexible letting works

Taking advantage of the peaks of short lets whilst keeping the stability of long lets gives you the best possible chance of achieving the highest rental yield, securely. We adhere to the 90-day legal limit for short-term lets, then combine other lengths of let for the rest of the year to get the best returns. Your occupancy rates are maximised, and we do all the hard work to get you there.

Higher occupancy rates

With our flexible lettings model and expertise in preparing properties for the market, we guarantee higher than market average occupancy rates.

Reduced operational costs

Our industry-leading smart technology, DRIVE, also lets us streamline and automate operations. When a resident books a stay, a cleaning is automatically arranged.

Bespoke performance reports

With DRIVE, our online management platform, you get real-time access to bookings and finances - so you can keep track of how your portfolio is performing in just a few clicks.

Reasons to invest in buy to let

High demand

There are more people who can’t buy a property than there are who can, which means the demand for rentals will always be high.

Consistent income

You can earn a good, passive income from a buy to let property as long as you have access to the right residents, operations staff and letting strategy. 

Easy to predict

With the right expertise, it is fairly easy to get into buy to let investment and predict earnings on rental income and capital growth. 

How we optimise your income with buy to let

Our service is built to battle some of the most common issues investors have with the buy to let strategy.

Fewer void periods

Our flexible lettings strategy combines short, mid and long-term contracts to maximise occupancy and boost yield - 40% higher than the market average in fact - for a consistent income.

Know your residents

We cater to 10,000+ active tenants and have a two-stage vetting process to hand-select quality residents that will look after your property.


We offer a range of full, in-house, property management services to make sure your investment strategy is stress-free and protected.

maximise rental income in london
Guaranteed Rent

You'll be able to receive stable, guaranteed monthly income, without the worry of void periods or late tenancy payments.


Occupancy rates above the market average

Our average annual occupancy rate of 86%, reaching 93% in peak months – well above the London market average. With a thoughtfully designed rental experience, a real-home feel and flexible lengths of stay, we know how to meet residents’ expectations. All of our flats are fully furnished and designed for modern living, with utility bills already set up for when they move in.

London Airbnb cleaning & housekeeping

Finding the best property investment strategy

Having a solid property investment strategy involves securely achieving the best returns without getting weighed down by the day-to-day. That’s where we come in. We free up your time so you can focus on what you need to – leave the rest to us.