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Top 4 tips to survive a low Airbnb season in London

Written by City Relay

High season was incredible, you couldn’t keep up with all the bookings and the inquiries so you had your grandma step up to help you. But all good things come to an end. Now you have all the time you want to relax and play scrabble with your partner in crime. You pretend everything is fine, but you keep asking yourself: where’s the money at huh? You don’t want to move to your grandma’s? Just follow these four easy steps…

#1 Super Hosts never worry about low Airbnb season

It’s clearly easier said than done, but you need to become a Super Host. After hosting more than 10 guests, and scoring an average of 80% good reviews you should be always available and update daily your calendar. If this is too much, you can trust our dear groom to take care of your flat, but if you’re a regular reader of our Super blog posts you should get a Super Host status, right? If not check these articles: 

Airbnb low season


#2 Financial strategy

No need to do an early maker business school to establish this one. You have a fixed cost related to Airbnb (Heat/Gas/Electricity/Cable) and variable cost regarding the guest (food/cleaning supplies/ toilet papers). So you must establish a minimum price which covers all these costs and make it worth it. During the low Airbnb season which is between November and February, your price should be on average 50% cheaper than the peak season which is June- August. During the shoulder Airbnb season which is September-October and March-April-May, your price should be on average 20% cheaper.

Airbnb Low season

#3 Instant booking

I know, they say you must be careful with it like the plague but it’s a necessary evil. Instant booking is like the peanuts that you get at the bar, first you try to be reasonable and resistant, but as soon as you take the first one it’s finished you’ll have 30 of them. In the end, the instant guests only book automatically your calendar. Might be a good or a bad surprise, but you’ll need to get the SuperHost status.

#4 Airbnb guests, come as you are!

Remember this amazing House Manual Tuto I did for you, my fellow hosts? Well, do it again but in very simple way. Keep your shoes inside, smoke as much as you want, make the biggest party of the year and bring your tiger if you want. I might be a bit excessive but just give clear instructions and be flexible, no more than 130 people please, you will have to repay the couch if ever your tiger ate it, even if you already know the tiger won’t eat your couch.

Airbnb house manual


Worry you won’t be able to pay your mortgage? We can manage your flat during the high and low Airbnb season and make sure you make the most of it. So you can sit back and play scrabble with your grandma and we take care of the rest. Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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