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Make money from Airbnb

Pricing and marketing

Airbnb is of course the most famous success story of the short letting industry and remains a key platform on which to promote your home. However to maximise occupancy you should consider a range of other platforms. You also need to ensure you have the best photography you can and include the key features and location details of your property.

Pricing is a complex art. Simply pricing your property down will increase occupancy but may not be lucrative. Also pricing changes almost in real-time and by season so this can be very time consuming to manage. Consider seasonality and your local market closely and how much time you can dedicate to this.

An Airbnb management company such as City Relay can promote you on over 30 platforms including Airbnb, Booking.com and many more with a strong listing including professional photography and property information that has been proven to work for similar properties to yours. They also will have dedicated teams and technology platforms that can optimise this for you on a daily basis.

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Making more money from Airbnb

Check-ins and Check-outs

Check-ins and check-outs can be very time consuming. Few of us have the time to manage this with our own property and with a portfolio of properties this can quickly become a full time job. The travel and work involved can not only take time but also cost money.

It can be far more efficient to enable a management company to look after this for you. There is a cost to this but this cost comes with professional support and a range of other services. City Relay also has dedicated Reception Spaces to provide the hotel concierge experience with the benefits of Airbnb.

If you would prefer to manage it yourself you should look at the costs and convenience of doing this to fit into your daily life and how you can minimize the work involved in check-ins for example by putting your keys in a secure lock box and communicating with your guests quickly and thoroughly to reduce queries and issues.

Airbnb linen

Cleaning and amenities

Cleaning can be another costly and time consuming task. It is important to ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned before you start short letting and is cleaned between stays. Without this you risk poor reviews that will seriously damage your ability to get bookings. You should also look at how you will clean linen and provide a range of soaps, washing machine and dishwasher tablets and other key products that guests need. You may also want to include eco-friendly amenities as these are not only better for the environment but will be a decision factor for some guests.

Airbnb management companies use professional cleaners who work consistently across a wide range of properties to remove this hassle for you. City Relay also provide a range of eco-friendly amenities and fresh linen to remove this work from your list.

Airbnb management company

Maintenance and guest support

Guests will have issues and they will expect a fast response. This could be during the night or at the weekends. This can be a hassle that is difficult to manage so it is worth looking into how you will service them via email, phone or face to face. You also need to build into the cost of any maintenance as with any letting. Light bulbs and white goods may stop working as in any house and you need to consider how you will replace them.

A management company will have a maintenance team that can respond to queries. City Relay specifically also has a 24/7 guest support team to be on hand to deal with these queries for you.

Making more from Airbnb

In summary

Making money from Airbnb is relatively easy. It does however come with quite a lot of work. If you decide to manage this yourself then these tips should help you. However using an Airbnb management company is a great way to create a hassle-free income from your property.

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