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The schemes’ success

NHS Homes secured support from the Department of Culture, Media & Sport and various NHS Trusts, leading to high awareness of the scheme, resulting in great demand and many bookings. 

We are proud to have partnered with the STAA to deliver this scheme, giving something back to our local communities. In total the scheme:

assisted 50 health authorities

hosted 10000+ nights for free

saved NHS trust over £20M


Gas safety regulation for landlords in UK

The need for NHS accommodation

During the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, NHS staff needed extra supply of  accommodation within London due to many reasons;

🗸 to protect vulnerable members at their own homes including family members with cancer or elderly parents

🗸 they are relocating to London to help, having been called onto the front line from different roles

🗸 some have been evicted either by landlords or effectively asked to leave by flat mates to reduce the risk of spreading the virus

We deliver great stays and customer service

Our customers love us

London during covid19

Supporting the NHS

Supporting the NHS staff with free accommodation throughout the covid crisis in spring 2020.

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