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Airbnb Co-Host Guide: Unlocking Your Property’s Potential This 2023

Written by Diana Santos

Welcome to our blog for property enthusiasts, landlords, and aspiring hosts interested in exploring the world of Airbnb co-hosting! Whether you are a seasoned real estate owner or someone looking to venture into the realm of short-term rentals, the concept of a co-host can significantly enhance your experience as an Airbnb listing owner.

In this article, we will delve into the ins and outs of Airbnb co-hosting and discuss the benefits of having this virtual partnership. We’ll also explore how this arrangement can elevate your business in London and beyond.

Understanding Airbnb Co-Hosting

Airbnb co-hosting is a partnership between a real estate owner and an individual or entity. This collaboration allows co-hosts to manage and host the property listed on Airbnb. It shares the responsibility, workload, and expertise to ensure a seamless and successful stay for the guest.

An Airbnb co-host plays a pivotal role in handling various aspects of being the primary host. They manage bookings and communication with every guest and oversee maintenance to ensure the flat is in top-notch condition.

The Rise of Virtual Airbnb Co-Hosts

It was only in recent times that the popularity of Airbnb co-host partnerships started to rise. The need for virtual co-hosts involved individuals or companies that specialise in remote property management. Part of this rise was fueled by advancements in technology. As the ability to manage properties became digitised, remote management became more efficient and cost-effective.

It allowed every primary host to oversee their listings and guest interactions without being physically present. It’s particularly useful for those who reside far from their rental properties and those who have multiple listings across different locations.

The Airbnb co-hosts have the responsibility to act on behalf of the primary host (owner) to maximise the income potential of their listing. They ensure proper cleaning services and maintenance schedules to keep the unit in premium condition.

Advantages of Having an Airbnb Co-Host

  • Time and Stress Management: Being a real estate manager can be time-consuming and stressful. There are daily tasks to attend to like dealing with inquiries, check-ins, guest requests, etc. Having a co-host makes Airbnb listings easier for property owners. You have someone taking care of daily tasks such as check-ins, cleaning, and guest inquiries. This leaves you free from stress and with enough time to focus on other aspects of your life or business.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Co-hosts are experienced in managing guests. They are focused on ensuring every guest will receive quick responses, smooth check-ins, and quality support throughout their stay. This focus allows them to hone their skills in guest relations and strengthen their network of services. All this leads to their ability to provide the best experience for different guest types.
  • Optimised Pricing and Bookings: One of the qualities of a skilled Airbnb co-host is their ability to analyse market trends and optimise pricing. It’s not just about providing low rental prices. It’s about balancing the highest pricing potential based on current marketing conditions. It’s about knowing how to position the unit to remain competitive enough to attract more bookings and increase your rental income.
  • Local Expertise: For a host with properties in different cities, having a local co-host provides invaluable knowledge of the area. They have a better understanding of nearby attractions and culture. As local c-hosts, they can provide suggestions that can lead to a valuable experience for the guest while staying in the Airbnb property.

While co-hosting offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to establish a clear agreement between the partnership. This agreement includes outlining each role, responsibility, and profit-sharing arrangement. Make sure the agreement encompasses aspects such as pricing strategies, communication protocols, maintenance procedures, and financial arrangements.

Choosing the Right Virtual Airbnb Co-Host:

When selecting a co-host, whether virtual or local, consider factors such as their experience, reputation, and commitment to providing excellent service. Read reviews and testimonials from other owners that the co-host has worked with to gauge their performance and reliability. Check guest reviews as well.

Consider the following questions when choosing a co-host.

What is your experience and expertise?

Opt for a virtual Airbnb co-host who can show you a proven track record when it comes to successfully managing properties. It’s only with experience that a co-host can gain a deep understanding of the platform so they can use it to handle challenges quickly and efficiently.

This also includes knowledge and understanding of the local regulations – specifically for short-term rental laws. Co-hosts should be able to help keep the unit in compliance with the local rules.

As seasoned a co-host, they should have a vast knowledge of the local rental market conditions – so they can use data-driven strategies to maximise occupancy rates and rental income.

What is your reputation like based on reviews?

Reputation is very important in a short-term rental business. A guest would rely heavily on reviews when selecting the right Airbnb listing to stay in. That means the reputation of the co-host would be extended to the flat they manage. This is why positive reviews should be a strong indicator of how a co-host performs and their reliability in managing properties and guests.

What is your availability and commitment to service excellence?

Partner with a co-host that regards top-notch service with commitment and dedication. They should be readily available to meet the needs of both owners and guests. With service excellence, co-hosts are more inclined to promptly respond to inquiries and needs. They’ll be quick to act on issues so they are resolved efficiently and professionally.

How good are your communication skills?

Communication is the key to managing an Airbnb property. Among the key tasks of a co-host is to communicate with both owner and guest. They should be articulate enough to answer queries and interact with different guest types from all over the world. The ability to communicate confidently is a must to assure guests that they are in the right place and that their needs will be handled well. This will minimise misunderstandings – which will lead to a positive stay for the guests.

Talk to more than one Airbnb co-host to get a feel of how they interact with others. Review and compare the conversations with each one before you finalise an agreement with anyone.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and be upfront about your expectations. A great co-host should be willing to tailor their service to suit your specific goals and level of involvement in managing the unit.

Elevating Your Business in London

There’s an exciting opportunity for unit owners in London seeking to become a short-term rental host. Thanks to the city’s dynamic housing market conditions and the thriving tourism industry, now is a great time to become an Airbnb host. By working with a virtual co-host to handle your London property, you can position your it to attract a diverse range of guest types.

A reputable Airbnb co-host will ensure that your guests will only get a top-notch experience. Couple that with the city’s vibrant culture and a wide array of attractions, it’ll be easy to attract guests to improve your unit’s occupancy rate and income potential.


An Airbnb co-host partnership, whether in-person or virtually, presents a win-win situation for both property owners and hosts. By leveraging the expertise of a co-host, owners can maximise rental income. At the same time, co-hosts can establish thriving businesses as short-term rental managers. If you’re an owner seeking to enhance your portfolio, embracing this collaborative approach can undoubtedly unlock the potential of your property in London or any other location.

Are you ready to take the leap and explore the world of Airbnb co-hosting? The opportunities are endless, and with the right co-host by your side, your portfolio can become a flourishing success in the competitive short-term rental market.

If you’re looking for an Airbnb co-host and reliable manager for your rental property, City Relay has a proven track record and expertise in this area. Get to know more about our Airbnb management services.

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