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(Part 2) Comfortable Airbnb Design: Furniture Essentials for Every Room

Written by Diana Santos

(This is part 2 of a 3-part article series about furnishing every room of Airbnb properties.)

Designing comfortable Airbnb properties involves choosing the right furniture. Your design choices will vary from room to room because each of them has a different purpose. The bedroom is furnished differently from the kitchen and the living room.

Treat each room like an empty canvas and transform it into a comfortable yet functional space. According to Airbnb’s statistics, the most important thing for guests is functionality. Find out how you can merge functionality and style so you can create a memorable stay for your guests.

In the previous article, you learned 5 tips that can help you furnish Airbnb properties like a pro. You need to pick a theme, consider guest preferences, comply with local laws and regulations, determine the budget and make your furniture choices easy to clean.

In this part of this article series, you’ll learn the specific furniture that goes with every room of your Airbnb. Apply what you learned from the first article as you browse the furniture essentials so you can choose the right options that’ll elevate the guest experience in your Airbnb.

Furniture Must-Haves for 3 Major Rooms in Your Airbnb

When furnishing your Airbnb property, it’s important to go through every room to determine what needs to be there. Here are tips that you can use as a guide to help you create the best ambience and aesthetically appealing look.


The bedroom is where your guests will rest and relax after a full day of activities. To create the right level of comfort for guests, consider putting these furniture and decorative pieces inside every bedroom of the property.

  • Bed. This includes a sturdy bedframe with a headboard, mattress and pillows. These have to be covered by bedsheets, linen and pillowcases.
  • Bedside tables. Depending on the space, place one bedside table or two. Here, guests can keep their valuables to be near them while they sleep. Put a lamp on top of every bedside table and add a charging space.
  • Cabinets and drawers. Your guests will need ample space to hang and fold their clothing so they won’t have to live off their suitcases.
  • Full-length mirror. This will make it easier for guests to check out their appearance. It allows a view of their whole body and check out their outfit.
  • Decor. Choose a decor that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Include paintings, flower vases, etc.
  • Heavy curtains. Hang blackout curtains so your guests can choose to sleep in even while the sun is already out.

You can also add a seating area – even if it’s just one chair or rocking chair near the window. If there’s enough space, you can also add a loveseat or a lazy boy. A workspace consisting of a small table and chair can also be added. This can even double as a dressing table.

Living Room

This area of the Airbnb property is sometimes one of the first things that guests would look at in your property’s profile. It has to look inviting so guests will be encouraged to book your property.

That means creating an ambience of comfort. It has to feel cosy and welcoming. It’s most likely where your guests will stay to relax while interacting with each other. It’s where they can talk, have coffee, or unwind. You want this area to be versatile enough so it can transform into a lively space, a romantic spot or a warm haven.

Choosing the right furniture and accessories will help you achieve this. Consider the following for the living room.

  • Sofa. This is one of the biggest furniture pieces in your flat. If the space allows it, choose a sectional sofa so a lot of people can sit on it. Ideally, the maximum number of people that your Airbnb can accommodate should be able to sit on the sofa. You can also get a sofa that can be converted into a bed so more people can stay in your flat – and you can charge a higher rental fee.
  • Lounge chairs. These are big and comfy chairs that you can add to the sofa (as long as there’s ample space). Don’t add this if it’ll only make the living room look cramped. The lounge chair doesn’t have to match the sofa – but it should complement it.
  • TV or entertainment systems. Guests will expect entertainment systems in your Airbnb property. Provide them with at least a smart TV that they can use to watch their favourite shows and movies. Mount the TV on the wall so it saves space and it’s not in danger of falling and getting damaged.
  • Tables. This will depend on the space. You can put a table beside the sofa or you can have a centre table with a rug underneath. If you can’t put a workspace in the bedroom, look for a coffee table that can be converted into a work table. Or you can have a separate workspace in the living room – preferably beside the window.

When choosing the lights for the living room, make them adjustable so guests can adjust the lights to set the mood. Add decors, vases and lamps to create a mood. Choose decorative pillows to give character to the sofa and lounge chairs.

Kitchen/Dining Room

The area is said to be the heart of a home. This is where food is prepared and where the family shares meals. It’s a place where guests can bond and make memories – which in effect will improve the experience during their stay.

The key to furnishing the kitchen and dining area is to combine functionality and aesthetic design. Make sure it’s still aligned with the overall theme that you’ve chosen.

Among the furniture that you have to provide are the following:

  • Stove and/or oven. This should be easy to operate. To be sure, leave instructions in a visible place so guests will know how to operate it. This will make it more convenient for them and it can also protect your stove from being damaged due to misuse. The oven is a good addition but it’s not as important as a stove. Maybe a microwave oven will suffice.
  • Refrigerator. Choose the right size for the expected number of guests that your Airbnb can accommodate. Make sure it’s energy-efficient so it won’t cost a lot to use.
  • Dishwasher. Installing this will make it easier for guests to clean up after every meal. Like the stove, leave the instructions to operate the dishwasher so guests won’t end up damaging it.
  • Coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc. These are necessary appliances that your guests would appreciate having in the kitchen. It’ll make meal prep easier and more convenient. Again, make sure to leave the instructions they can follow.
  • Dining table. Choose a table that’s sturdy because you can expect that your guests will put a lot of things on top of it – especially if there is not enough counter space. Don’t worry about how the table looks – you can always cover it with a tablecloth or runner.
  • Chairs. These chairs should be sturdy enough to bear up to 150 kg – but should also be light enough so guests can move them around. Try to avoid chairs covered in fabric so you don’t have a hard time cleaning stains or spills on them.

Complete the list with cooking ware, plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses, knives, cutting boards, peelers, etc. Provide guests with everything they need to use the kitchen and dining area. Add decorations like some paintings on the wall, flower vases and decorative plates and glasses. You can also add potted plants to make the property more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Up Next… Design Hacks from Property Experts

In the third part of this article series, you’ll discover design hacks used by property experts and professional designers to create comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing Airbnb properties. You’ll get actionable tips that you can combine with what you learned from the first and second articles. Use it as a roadmap to make your Airbnb property transcend the ordinary.

As you unlock the secrets to choosing the right furniture, don’t hesitate to reach out to property experts. They can share innovative approaches when it comes to designing and furnishing your Airbnb. Contact City Relay so our property experts can help you.

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