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(Part 3) 10 Design Hacks to Improve Airbnb Properties and Increase Bookings

Written by Diana Santos

(This is the third of a 3-part article series about furnishing design hacks that’ll improve Airbnb properties.)

What do you think modern guests value the most when choosing an Airbnb property? It’s not connectivity. What Airbnb guests value the most is comfort. When people search for properties to book, they choose the ones that look comfortable the most.

This is the reason why you should carefully consider the furniture that you put in your Airbnb. In the previous articles, you learned how to furnish Airbnb properties and what furniture essentials should be in every room. You were given a list of must-haves that would make the rooms functional, comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

However, more than choosing the right furniture is required, you have to know how to position them within the room to create the comfortable ambience that guests are looking for.

In this article, you’ll unlock the 10 design hacks that property experts use to improve the visual appeal of Airbnb properties. These practical strategies will help you create a guest experience that’ll be remembered for a long time.

How Interior Design Increases Airbnb Bookings

The interior design of your Airbnb has a direct influence on the bookings and occupancy rate of your property. Studies have shown that people gravitate towards well-designed houses.

According to Modern House, homes designed by architects sold for 12% more than those that aren’t. In addition, the study also reveals that if a property has a perceived value of 1m, it will sell for 19% more compared to properties of the same size. This proves that people won’t mind paying more for a property as long as it looks premium enough for their taste.

What does this mean for your Airbnb property?

The way you arrange the furniture in your property and how you design around it will directly affect your success as an Airbnb host. Thoughtful design leads to 2 benefits. One is attracting more guests to book the property. The second is providing an impressive guest experience that’ll lead to positive reviews and higher ratings.

10 Hacks When Designing Airbnb Properties

Being strategic with the interior design of your property does more than just capture bookings. It elevates the guest experience and boosts your reputation as an Airbnb Host.

If you want to transform your Airbnb properties into irresistible havens for potential guests, consider these 10 design hacks that property experts use.

Have a statement wall

Having a statement wall brings character to your property. This is a wall in your unit that’s built or designed differently from the rest. While it looks different, it should still align with the overall theme of the space.

So if you have neutral colours for the majority of your unit, choose a bold colour for your statement wall. Or you can add texture to it instead of the usual smooth wall. You can also achieve this by putting a series of captivating artworks to be the focal point of the wall.

Go for bold accents

Even if you’ve chosen a minimalist theme for your Airbnb, don’t make it too boring. Give it a pop of vibrant colours through the cushions of the sofa. Or you can add an attention-grabbing rug to add character to a monotonous floor.

These accents can also be in the form of decors and light fixtures. Put gold chandeliers or abstract paintings. Find something that can breathe life into the room – without being so loud and trashy that it destroys the ambience that you’re trying to create.

Mix and match

Apart from bold accents, you can also try blending different furniture styles and themes. For instance, don’t buy a sofa set wherein the sofa matches the lounge chairs. You can have a bulky yet cosy-looking sofa and pair it with a Nordic-style lounge chair. Or you can go modern with your chairs but add classic paintings behind them.

Just be careful when you’re choosing the pieces to put together. While they should be different, there has to be a common feature between them. For instance, the furniture pieces should have similar shapes. Or similar materials. This will help you nail the mix-and-match style without making it look too chaotic.

Add vintage pieces

Vintage items have a narrative of history so it’s a great addition to your space. It feeds a feeling of nostalgia that adds warmth to your Airbnb.

Also, it’s one idea that you can apply to your mix-and-match design. It could be in the form of an antique dresser, a retro coffee table or even vintage decor. These can work well in adding personality to your unit.

Hang stylish curtains

Don’t underestimate the impact of curtains on the overall mood of your Airbnb. Using stylish curtains will not just complement or enhance the design of the property. It can also control the light and privacy of your guests.

Choose patterns and colours that go well with the other furniture in the room. If you have curtains with the right materials, it can make your space look sophisticated and luxurious. You can also use floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains so guests can opt to completely block off the light from outside.

Put lots of flowers and greenery

Bring nature inside by adding a lot of flowers and greenery. It’s one way to make your unit come alive. Give it a fresh touch by putting potted plants by the window. Add flowers on the counter or the table.

It won’t just make the Airbnb property more beautiful – it’ll also uplift the mood of your guests. Using fake flowers and plants can work but make sure they look realistic. But then again, adding fresh flowers and low-maintenance plants will elevate your property significantly.

Opt for smart storage spaces

This is perfect for smaller Airbnb units. Put smart storage solutions under the bed or the sofa. Have wall-mounted shelves so the space underneath can be utilised for something else. You can also furnish the property with cabinets that have hidden compartments.

What’s great about these smart storage spaces is they can keep the unit clutter-free – which increases the aesthetic appeal of the Airbnb unit.

Use mirrors

Adding mirrors to your Airbnb property provides both functional and aesthetic benefits. For one, guests will appreciate having enough mirrors to check out their outfits and physical appearance.

Beyond that, mirrors can effectively create the illusion of space. That means smaller units appear bigger. It also makes a room or hallway feel lighter and more expensive. It has something to do with the way it reflects and bounces light around.

Think about the lighting

Speaking of reflecting lights, you might want to plan how you’ll position the lights in your Airbnb property. Lights can be a powerful mood-setter. Choose LED lights with dimmers. This will give guests the freedom to manipulate the lights to create the mood that they want to have in the unit.

Also, position lights to focus on your statement wall, decors and other bold accents that you have. This will bring attention to the special elements that you’ve placed in the unit for your guests to appreciate – and maybe even leave 5-star reviews.

Make it look “lived in”

Designing the unit to look “too perfect” might make it look stiff. The overly staged setup might keep the guests from feeling at home.

Add a bit of clutter and chaos so the property looks “lived in.” Scatter some magazines on the table or even a gameboard. Add trinkets here and there. Put a throw blanket over a chair. Use these techniques to leave your personal touch.

Get Design Tips from Property Experts

Paying attention to the design of your Airbnb properties does more than just elevate the value of your unit. It makes your property stand out among your competitors. It gives you the edge so guests will choose you over the others. As you impress guests with the photos and meet their expectations when they arrive, it’ll lead to better reviews that can boost your reputation as an Airbnb host.

This is how you improve your standing to become an Airbnb Superhost.

To dive deeper into optimising the furnishing of your Airbnb property, don’t hesitate to partner with a reputable property management company. They can translate design concepts and align them with your vision for your property. Get in touch with City Relay to talk to one of our property experts.

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