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(Part 1) Designing Like a Pro: How to Furnish Airbnb Properties

Written by Diana Santos

(This is the first of a 3-part article series about furnishing Airbnb properties like a pro.)

Did you know that adding a hot tub to an Airbnb property increases its revenue potential by 15% to 20%? This is one of the many statistics that prove how important the furnishing of your Airbnb property is.

It shows why interior decoration and design should be an integral part of your letting strategy. When done well, it won’t just increase bookings for your property. The design and furnishing of your Airbnb unit can also leave a lasting impression on your guests. This can lead to 5-star ratings that can attract even more guests to book your place.

It’s a domino effect that’ll leave a positive impact on your reputation as an Airbnb host.

If you want to impress your guests with the design of your property, keep reading. This guide is the first of a 3-part article about furnishing your Airbnb property. In this article, you’ll learn tips that’ll help you decide on the right furnishing for your Airbnb properties.

Tips to Furnish an Airbnb Property Like a Pro

Designing an Airbnb property should be done with a plan. You have to realise that guests choose properties because it’s part of the travelling experience. Regardless if it’s for business, leisure or educational purposes – it can influence how the guest will enjoy their stay. Believe it or not, most of them don’t just sleep in it. They end up living in it for a couple of days or weeks. 

That means putting the essentials that include a bed, sofa, cabinets, tables and kitchen appliances – that’s not enough. You have to furnish the property in such a way that’ll make it look like a home away from home. It should exude warmth and welcome.

To accomplish that you have to do a couple of things.

Pick a theme

Start by choosing a theme. Do you want a minimalistic retreat? A vintage haven? Maybe you want an urban chic space with modern elements. Identify the image that you want the property to have because it will serve as the guide for choosing the furniture.

The theme will also help you with colour schemes and decor choices. For a minimalist theme, the furniture should have clean lines with black, taupe, wood and grey colours. A rustic theme would go for green, brown and natural hues.

If you’re not sure about the theme that fits your property, you can take cues from the architectural structure. A classic architectural style would go well with Victorian furniture pieces. A modern structure would complement well with industrial decor and design styles.

Consider the guests

You can also consider the target market when you’re furnishing your Airbnb property. If you want to attract business travellers, you want to choose a theme that would fit the serious and professional nature of their visit. For students, you can probably make it more urban chic.

The furniture choices can also be according to what the guests would need. Business professionals and students would need a space to work or study. Family-oriented homes should be child-proof.

If you want to market your Airbnb property as a romantic getaway, you want to make the place look cosy and intimate. Focus on what your ideal guests need and it’ll help you attract the right market through your Airbnb photos.

Comply with the rules

As you choose the furniture pieces and design of your Airbnb, make sure you’re aware of the local rules and regulations. This will ensure that the design of the flat will comply with the rules set by the local council. For instance, there’s a safety regulation in the UK that requires furniture like sofas and mattresses to have a fire safety label.

You should also consider the rules about fire exits where no furniture should be blocking the way.

Focus on guest safety and you should get clues when it comes to legal compliance with safety measures.

Determine your budget

Furnishing an Airbnb is a huge investment. You need to carefully consider how much you can afford so you can make smart decisions about the furniture pieces that you’ll put in the property. Remember, you need to buy furniture and decorative pieces that are not just aesthetically appealing. They also have to be functional, durable and reflective of the overall theme of the place.

Use the list that you initially created to come up with an amount that you’ll need. Take note of different brands so you can compare each value and see which ones are of premium quality.

Make it easy to clean

This is one thing that Airbnb hosts have to take seriously. When choosing furniture pieces, always keep in mind how they will be cleaned. Every time a guest checks out, the property will be cleaned so you’ll want to make the task easier to do.

That means choosing furniture that’s lightweight and easy to move. You should also think about furniture that would go well in different parts of the flat. That way, you can rearrange them to give your property a new look even without buying anything new.

Up Next… Furniture Must-Haves per Room

In the second part of this article series, you’ll be given a list of furniture essentials that can make every room in your Airbnb property feel cosy, comfortable and functional. Take what you’ve learned from this article so you can choose the right furniture that’ll make your Airbnb more appealing to target guests.

If you need guidance in designing your Airbnb property, consult the experts. Get in touch with City Relay so we can share our expertise in elevating your Airbnb and maximising its earning potential.

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