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#CR stories: How our hosts earn a high income from their property

Written by City Relay

Leaving your property empty is a huge waste because it can be a great source of potential income. Nonetheless, you cannot charge too much when short-letting your property as no one would book it. How can you get the most out of your property then? Thanks to our yield management software, we make sure to price your property on Airbnb and 30+ channels to generate the highest occupancy levels, thus generating the highest income possible. It’s worth the investment!


City Relay hosts success stories

Our most successful Airbnb hosts managed to earn very high income this summer, whilst they were on holiday. To give you a better idea, here are the incomes our biggest earners managed to earn in one month.




How did our hosts achieve such a good income?

Firstly, we optimise property listings on Airbnb and across 30+ platforms, all of which will look interesting to guests thanks to a photoshoot with a professional photographer.

Furthermore, we use intelligent pricing software to price your Airbnb property right to generate the highest occupancy levels! We have developed a yield management software to ensure your property is always priced correctly according to seasonality, market demand, and occupancy rate.
Our dedicated revenue management team closely monitors the algorithms daily to make sure your property is always listed at the optimal price to achieve the highest occupancy levels. Here’s how we do it:

  • Occupancy rate

Our software determines the demand for Airbnb properties in your area and optimises the price accordingly. If there is high demand for certain dates, the price will go up automatically.

  • Days of the week

The price will vary depending on the day of the week. There is a much higher demand on the weekends and the price reflects this. The price will fluctuate throughout the week directly in line with demand.

  • Seasonality

The price will vary depending on the season. The demand for short-let properties is much higher during the Summer months and thus the properties are priced higher. During the lower season, the price decreases slightly to maintain high occupancy rates.

  • Minimum Length of Stay

We apply a gradual minimum length of stay rule to your property listing. We adjust the minimum length of stay to ensure minimal gaps in your calendar. If there is a gap between two longer bookings then we will change the minimum length of stay automatically to cover the gap.


Our services are appreciated by our hosts who have led us to become the most trusted short-letting company in London. Interested in short-letting your property with us? Becoming a host is quick and easy. Simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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