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How to Set Up Airbnb Rentals to Attract Digital Nomads this Summer

Written by Diana Santos

The digital nomad market continues to grow and that influences the increasing demand for rental properties. According to statistics, there are 35 million people who identify as digital nomads. These people are lucky enough to do their work online – allowing them to work anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection. 

Why should property owners in London pay attention to the digital nomads?

According to statistics, London is one of the most visited cities by digital nomads. This presents London property owners with a huge opportunity. With the right letting strategy and marketing efforts, you can increase occupancy rates and maximise your property’s earning potential.

In this article, you’ll discover more about digital nomads and how you can transform your Airbnb into a haven for remote workers. You’ll get actionable tips that’ll help you attract them so they’ll choose to book a stay in your property.

About the Digital Nomad Community

The first step to attracting the digital nomad community is to understand who they are.

The concept of digital nomads started back in 1997 when Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners used the term in their book. It served as the manifesto that described the lifestyle of digital nomads.

While these people are considered remote workers, what makes them unique is the frequency of their travels. Reports from actual digital nomads reveal that the majority stay for 7 days in a city and 30 days in a country before deciding to move on to the next travel adventure.

Over the years, the number of digital nomads kept on growing at a steady pace. However, most of the growth happened during the pandemic when people were introduced to the idea of remote work. As people were forced to isolate, companies had to shift to remote work to keep their businesses growing.

This allowed people to experience the freedom and flexibility that came with working remotely. As people started to get back to the office after the pandemic, some people opted to keep working remotely as digital nomads. They loved the idea of being able to travel and work at the same time.

Research shows that 57% of digital nomads have chosen this lifestyle because of the flexibility that it brings. 32% liked the idea of having a flexible schedule while 25% preferred the flexibility of working anywhere.

Knowing these details about this market will give you ideas to transform your Airbnb rental into a digital nomad’s haven.

Tips to Make Airbnbs Appealing to Digital Nomads

With all the Airbnbs in London, how can you be sure that your property will be chosen? Getting a higher occupancy rate requires a strategic plan and marketing efforts. Use what you know about digital nomads to create a marketing plan that calls out to them specifically. Highlight the features that will appeal to them by focusing on the reasons why they chose a digital nomad’s lifestyle – flexibility.

Make sure your Airbnb has what they need to allow them to work and enjoy the freedom that comes with their chosen lifestyle.

Here are tips that you can implement to increase your rental property’s appeal to digital nomads.

Set up a functional workspace

Digital nomads may love to travel but they also need to spend time doing their work. After all, it helps fund their lifestyle. This means you should provide them with high-speed Internet and a functional workspace so they can focus on their career.

This means setting up an office table with a comfortable chair. This should be near electrical outlets where guests can charge their laptops and other devices for work. You can set this up near a window so guests can work with a view. The natural light will also help keep them focused. You can also add a lamp so they see their work even if they decide to do it at night.

If possible, you can also include a printer that doubles as a scanner or photocopier. In case this isn’t possible, you can at least provide guests with information so they’ll know where to go in case there’s a need.

You can also provide basic stationery items like writing materials, notepads, paper, etc.

Make sure all these are photographed and posted in your property’s profile. List what guests can expect so they’ll know that they can work conveniently if they decide to book your Airbnb unit.

Have the right amenities

Beyond the workspace, you can also add essential amenities that can make their working hours more comfortable – like free coffee, tea and snacks.

You should also have a functional kitchen so they can prepare their meals whenever they wish. Have your pantry stocked with staples and basic seasonings. Or at the very least, provide information as to where your guests can shop for what they need.

Free toiletries will also be a welcome addition – as well as a working laundry facility. All these will enhance the guest’s experience and will make your Airbnb seem like a home away from home.

Provide information about the community

Since digital nomads travel to explore, your property listing should have information about the community.

Start with public transport because they would surely want to go around and explore London. If you can provide a bike, this will also allow your guests to go around the neighbourhood without having to spend more on transportation.

You can also provide a list of social events that the guest can participate in during their visit. Things like yoga sessions, outdoor exercises, musical events or movie nights will allow them to explore what the neighbourhood has to offer.

Since they are also working while travelling, you can suggest nearby cafes or co-working spaces in case they want to socialise while they do their work. Include in the list nearby gyms, pools and other recreational areas for them to take advantage of.

Providing information in the profile listing will allow guests to make a fun itinerary while staying in your Airbnb.

Highlight local attractions

Digital nomads have chosen this lifestyle because they want to enjoy and explore the outdoors. Make sure you provide adequate information about local attractions near your Airbnb. If there are parks, picnic areas, hiking trails and bike paths – let your guests know about these. They’ll appreciate the information so they can plan their activities after work hours. You can also include cultural sites and venues that’ll enrich their visit and allow them to know more about the location they’re in.

Create a physical guidebook with a map or an interactive resource that they can access through their phone. This will help create a positive experience for them – which hopefully will lead to a 5-star review.

Allow flexible booking policies

Flexibility is the key to attracting digital nomads. Make sure your booking policies allow last-minute bookings or extensions. As long as the dates are still available, allow your guests to rebook or change the details of their booking at no extra cost.

This will make your Airbnb more appealing to their need for flexibility. They don’t have to worry about unforeseen changes to their flights or travel arrangements. It’ll also improve your reputation with them and could even encourage them to rebook.

With the right urging, you can ask them to refer you to other digital nomads that they’ll encounter along their travels.

Incentivise longer stays

Digital nomads don’t have a schedule to follow so they can decide to stay in a place longer than they originally planned. Make it easier for them to decide by offering incentives for longer stays. For instance, come up with off-season deals or lower nightly rates for a minimum number of nights.

You can also partner with local businesses and give them vouchers they can use during their stay. This will improve the quality of their experience in your property – making it more likely that they’ll rebook with you.

Make sure these promotions are clear and promoted well so digital nomads will be enticed to book your Airbnb. This will increase your occupancy rates and rental income.

Transform Your Short-Let into a Digital Nomad’s Haven

Digital nomads provide property owners with an incredible opportunity to increase their rental income. By researching their needs and preferences, you can transform your Airbnb into an incredible haven for remote workers from around the world. Simply highlight a functional workspace, property features and local attractions that appeal to the digital nomad lifestyle – this is enough to make your Airbnb appealing to them.

If you need help coming up with effective strategies that target digital nomads, partner with an experienced property management company. City Relay can help market and manage your property to improve your occupancy rates and maximise your rental income.

Get in touch with us so we can talk about your plans. We’ll help you reach your portfolio goals and make sure you get the best rental yields for your properties.

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