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Check-in, cleaning, pricing: We manage everything

Easy Guest Services

  • Unlimited number of check-ins at the Reception Desk
  • Preferred rates on cleaning, maintenance and more
per month only

Hassle-Free Hosting

  • We fully manage your flat on your behalf taking a percentage of your income
15% + VAT
no hidden fees

Rent Guaranteed

  • Monthly income for you, regardless of how your listing performs
Fixed income

Looking for more? Ask for a “à-la-carte” services!

Discover how much you could earn from your London Flat


Any Questions On Pricing?

What is included in your full management service fee?

Everything! There is no hidden fee. Check-in, check-out, cleaning, replenishment, laundry, it is all included. We only don’t cover materials in case a repair is needed.

How long does it take to set up?

Once we’ve settle the offer you are interested in, we just need to set up a meeting to get your keys and we then set up a connection to be able to manage your bookings! It usually takes 3 days after the 1st email to be able to manage your first booking.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

There is no commitment! You need to sign a contract that you may cancel at anytime and there are no cancellations fees.

Is City Relay insured should my guests damage my property?

Airbnb cover the damages with the insurance for damaged property. They cover up to £600,000 for any damage or stolen items caused by a guest.

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